Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Almost Two Years Later

I want to simply get over the inertia of having not blogged for almost two years by posting this! After having a frustrating 20 minutes of figuring out how to post I have precious little to say that would be for any one's edification. On another note, I have been accused of being a glacial blogger, a criticism I must , in all humility, accept. However, even I must admit that glaciers move, no matter how slowly. If I can earn back my family and friends' trust, I do hope to have something of our lives to share here at Anchovy Meadows: The Blog.


Natron1 said...

Thank You! Thank you for ending the reign of glacial blogging, as Allison would say. And if you post regularly, I'll comment regularly.

Goodwyf Allie said...

Ditto what Nate said!! We love you--tell us the minutiae of your life!!!

Natron1 said...

Acutally, Allison, I kinda think that she's frozen up again.... But the new template was a nice touch!