Thursday, August 26, 2010

A Wonderful Addition to our Neighborhood!

When we moved to Anchovy Meadows nearly thirteen years ago, we discovered a charming but shuttered store right around the corner. It looked newly closed and we wondered if it was just temporary.

Well, almost thirteen years later this little shop has reopened as The Store Next Door. We were thrilled to see its welcoming porch with people coming and going again through the vintage screen door. The bookshelf on the porch for browsing still stands in honor of the late Mr. and Mrs. Fabrizio in their memory, who had the same books on the same shelves so many years ago. The new owner is Monica, who with her darling son, Ryan, man the counter with ready smiles and generous scoops of ice cream at surprisingly low prices. They serve up Damariscotta's own Round Top brand which is delicious. Monica also offers sodas (some artisanal and local), steamed hot dogs and "penny" candy. The coffee is on by 10:30 when she opens for the day. Almost one half of the shop is devoted to locally crafted gifts and ephemera. My kids are just as interested in the Silly Bands as they are in the ice cream!

If you're in our neighborhood of South Harpswell make sure you stop in to The Store Next Door and support Monica's efforts. They're located on Basin Point Road just after you turn right from Ash Point, on your left about the third property down. Then make sure you stop to see us, too. Or better yet come and visit us first and we'll stroll down together for a cone.

Having The Store Next Door nearby has helped me solve a great mystery; I guess I needed an ice cream store within walking distance to get me out walking!

Congratulations, Monica, we wish you well in your endeavor!

We'll be by soon for another cone!:)


Natron1 said...

I sure love that store. Maybe next time Kyle and I walk down to Dolphin Marina and back, we can stop there to cool off.

PS, 'SillyBandz' ends with a 'Z,' is one word, and I'm more interested in the ice cream.

Goodwyf Allie said...

Nice plug Lisa!!!

Natron1 said...

(Threatening tone) If you don't post right now...